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The company held 2014 annual work conference and business 2013 year advanced in recognition of the general assembly

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 03-18-2014      Origin: Site

Kaige farewell old horse Ying Chun, on the occasion of the Spring Festival is approaching, the company in 217 conference room held the "quality to enhance new advantages and cost reduction "As the theme of the work to enhance the competitiveness of the company in 2014 operating working conference of the 2013 annual advanced commendation meeting. Zhang Defan chairman, President of Chen Yanda, Wang Baohu general manager and other leaders of the company and all the middle-level cadres, team (section) long, 3 packets of services area manager, syndicalist Party cadres, all kinds of advanced and reasonable proposed winners and about 180 people attended the meeting. Meeting first by the general manager of Wang Baohu for the 2014 Business Report , Wang always sure the 2013 the company made the score, objective summary and analyzes the problems existed in company operation in 2013 work, deployed in 2014 as a focus of the work and will be 2014 identified as "quality year", company will focus on the theme of the work, from the system construction, the process reengineering of, launched a series of steps, take measure system divides the XinChai products in quality and cost the company faces the big problem, through two years of hard fighting, enhance the advantages of new products and XinChai, based on the market main body status.

Then held a ceremony, on 35 individuals, 10 advanced collective commended, calling the company various departments, the majority of staff to to be commended the advanced departments, teams and groups and individuals as an example, based on their own, dedication, continuous learning, innovation, for the full completion of the goals and tasks of 2014 to make new contributions.

Finally, the chairman Zhang Defan on behalf of the company to express my heartfelt thanks and pay tribute to all the staff for their hard work, To all the winners congratulations, and puts forward five requirements and hope, to strengthen quality consciousness, seize market opportunities; second, we must continuously improve the quality, establish a brand XinChai; three in order to reduce the cost, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises; fourth, it is necessary to improve management efficiency, the transformation of the management of enterprises, from extensive to intensive development; fifthly, to enhance the executive force, pay close attention to implementation.

2014 is a comprehensive implementation of the "new advantages to improve the quality, reduce costs and enhance the competitiveness of the first year. Company has established 2014 achieve sales of diesel engine 22 million units, for 24 million units of the objectives and tasks, let us with a high sense of responsibility and mission sense to promote "truth-seeking, refinement, innovation and excellence" spirit of XinChai, seize the opportunity, forge ahead, for the full completion of the 2014 tasks and work hard!


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